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Making Plant-Based Dairy Mainstream – Globally

At Plheese, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the dairy industry by bringing plant-based alternatives into the mainstream worldwide. Our commitment to innovation has led us to develop a cutting-edge technology platform that ensures plant-based products match the taste and nutritional quality of traditional dairy, without the associated climate impact and lactose content.

Our clean-label products are designed to be both tasty, healthy and scalable for global production and distribution. We achieve the perfect balance of taste, nutrition, and affordability, all while delivering a minimum 75% reduction in CO2e emissions for each product.

Industry Acclaim

“It is really nice to finally taste a plant-based yoghurt that tastes this great!”
Head of Dairy Category, Large Danish Retail Chain

“No doubt – you have the best plant-based yoghurt in the market.”
Head of Purchase Dairy & Cheese, European Food Distributor

“You can’t taste the difference between your youghurt and drinking yoghurt and those made from cow’s milk.”
CEO of a Smaller Dairy Company

Our technology allows plantbased to jump ahead

We’ve solved:

  • Taste
  • Nutrition
  • Clean label
  • CO2e emissions

Enabling rapid market entry

  • Great taste reviews
  • Retailer interest very positive
  • EU yogurt market is DKR 154 MIA.* (CAGR 3,63% 2024-2028)

With scaable RnD

  • Portfolio of fermented products
  • Prospects in cheese, enabling a further market growth


Maibritt Schou Sørensen
EA to Founder
Lone Overgaard Thier